While we have a large Service Center upgrade coming next month as part of Service Center 2.0, we just couldn't wait to get out some of these features to you asap! 

I realize, in these turbulent times, the last thing you want to hear is something is changing. But rest assured, the individual improvements we’ll be introducing, as a whole, will make the Service Center even more powerful for you. 

Here is a list of some of the additional functionality that have been released this week; more to come...

  • Compact Header Type: In addition to Small, Normal and Large Settings we are now offering a more condensed type of Header for your Portal Pages and Form Detail Pages
  • List View for Portals and Forms: You now have the option to showcase your Forms and Portals in a more compact list view so you can see more on each page without opening a new link.
  • More Powerful Search: You now have the option to add the Search Bar directly to your main Banner.  We also have added File Names to our Search index.
  • Hide the Right Letterhead: Now Owners and Directors can hide the right letterhead on a form by form or portal by portal basis. Visitors can also hide this themselves if they prefer.
  • Hide Form Detail Page: If you haven't created instructions for your Form or Page you can now hide the details page as needed.
  • Add Chat Support: An exciting trend in Government is having Live Chat Support available;  you can now request your Chat be added or we can provide one.
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