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Creating a Work From Home Request
Creating a Work From Home Request

This article and video will show how Lynchburg was able to create this form for their staff to request to work from home in no time!

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We are working with many of our partners to help them offer services online to reduce counter time and allow agencies to work remotely. Lynchburg was able to replicate this form across their departments and had all 423 employees submit their forms within 24 hours.

With this form, you can allow your citizens to add basic information, specific information about their situation, and checkboxes to select specific options in one seamless process, all online!

Check out their Working from Home WebForm below:

This WebForm was made by LuAnn Hunt from Lynchburg, VA. These are the steps they took to create the form:

1. Built a new WebForm using the WebForm Builder.

2. Added basic elements such as

       a. Full Name and Phone Number
       b. Added unique WebForm Elements
      c. Rich Text to include specific messaging about the COVID-19 Work from Home               Form
d. Checkbox/Radio Group to Select All that Apply or if they need Childcare

3. Saved their form and shared the URL link. 

And that’s it! They were able to digitize their COVID-19 Work From Home Template in just four easy steps. 

We want to help our partners offer forms online to help keep both their citizens and employees as safe as possible. 

Our partners use the WebForm builder to create ADA accessible and WCAG 2.0 compliant WebForms alongside functionality that allows them to convert their existing PDFs into SeamlessDocs. To view more of these examples, please click here.

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