First you will need to create the Director level user if you haven't already by following our article on user management

1. Once the user is created you will log-in to GovOS Studio and using the Permissions Modal you will give them the ability to View Forms (if they need to manage portals) and View Submissions (if they will need to see the data as well)

2. Then you will want to log-in to the SeamlessGov GRM platform at (you will replace your government with your subdomain) and sign in. Then click on your name in the top right now and then click on Account Settings --> Users and then click on the 'gear' icon to the right of the user. In their profile there will be a Settings section you will want to give them access to the site so it looks like this:

Then they will now have access and can log-in to the SeamlessGov site. Once they log-in they will see a list of all the forms and folders and once they see the form they want to use they will double click on the name of the form and this will open the Pipeline which is the view of all submissions (note that they will need at least one submission to start processing).

They can also now help to Manage the Portals Manager.

From there they can create the appropriate stages and start processing applications!

Here is a demo video of the GRM that may be helpful and shows what they should be seeing:

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