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How to Request Files on a WebForm
How to Request Files on a WebForm

This is how you can request attachments and files on a WebForm

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When you are creating a WebForm there are many scenarios where you would like to request additional documentation with an application for it to be processed. Perhaps you need a copy of a Resume for an Employment Application, or a copy of a Driver's License for a Business License Permit.
​NOTE: The limit per upload is 250 MB

When you're in a WebForm you will see a series of Field Elements on the left hand side and one of them will be Upload File(s):

When you add it to your form you can customize the label to describe what files are you looking for. Each Upload File element can allow up to 10 files however you can add as many Upload File elements as you want and make each one required so that you can break up the files you are requesting:

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