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How to add a clickable link to a WebForm using Rich Text
How to add a clickable link to a WebForm using Rich Text

This article walks through how to add a clickable URL link (hyperlink) to any WebForm using the Rich Text element

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When you bring a form live for staff or citizens to complete, there are many opportunities where you might like to share additional information and link to a website with instructions. Adding these instructions as a link is a great way to simplify the form and streamline which reduces the amount of data you have to store in your record keeping system.

If you are on a WebForm then you can add these links using the Rich Text element.

After adding the Rich Text element to your form from the left hand side you can then hover your mouse over the field and click on the Gear Icon and you will be taken to a text area where you can add your text.

The first step is to add the text that you want to show as part of your link. For instance, "Click Here to Learn More"

Then you will highlight that text and click on the Hyperlink button:

Then you will be taken to a screen where you can add the link that you want the user to be taken to:

Additionally, by clicking on the Target tab in that screen you can choose if the link will open in a brand new window, or within the same window. We recommend choosing to open in a New Window so that they will not lose their progress.

Then you will have a clickable URL in your form that looks like this:

You can then add as much text as you would like around the link, or add any of the additional functionality available with Rich Text like adding images.

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