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WebForm Calculations and Functions
WebForm Calculations and Functions

Excel functions and formulas that can be used on WebForms (forms you build).

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Algebraic Functions

GovOS Studio recognizes order of operations, so keep in mind that certain algebraic functions will execute before others. A great way to remember to order of operation is the acronym PEMDAS:

Parentheses → Exponents → Multiplication → Division → Addition → Subtraction

Regardless of the arrangement of the algebraic expression from left to right, functionality related to parentheses is always going to come before exponents, which is going to come before multiplication, and so on.

Click here to review a PEMDAS example on a WebForm.

“ROUND” Function

By adding the function “ROUND” directly before the formula, the end value will round to whatever number of decimal places you set. The format will look like this f=ROUND(Cell Label or formula, # of Decimal places set):

Click here to review a ROUND example on a WebForm. * Make sure to put an open parenthesis after the word “ROUND”.

“DOLLAR” Formatting

In a WebForm, you can add the function “DOLLAR” so that the end value calculated into a given field will appear in standard currency formatting (see image below). All fields that make use of the “DOLLAR” before your calculation will appear with a USD dollar sign, applicable commas, and two figures for cents.

Logical Functions

IF/THEN Statements

All IF/THEN Statements should be formatted as follows:

IF (Condition, Value if True, Value if False)

  • With the IF function, you can make a logical comparison: Is the requested value identical to what you expect or not? If this query is true, then it triggers an action of your choice. If it’s false, it triggers a different action. Simply put: if A (Condition), then B (Value if True), otherwise C (Value if False).

  • You can use the greater than or less than operators: "<" and ">". We do not currently support the equals "=" operator

Click here to review an IF/THEN Statement WebForms example.

Date Functions

Extra Resources

For the full list of available functions within GovOS Studio, please click here.

Click here to review SeamlessDocs Functions and Calculations.

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