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Signing a SeamlessDoc from your Email
Signing a SeamlessDoc from your Email

One of the most common actions you can take in GovOS Studio is to sign off on a form. This is all done from email with no login needed!

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With GovOS Studio forms, you will be able to create forms where end users can fill them out and sign from a link on your website. Any signers that come later in a signature workflow will receive an email to sign off on their portion. They will also be able to decline this signature if it does not pass their approval.

This is also applicable to first signers who are the first people to sign a document as a known signer.


  1. You will receive an email with a link to the document you must sign, click on the link.

  2. The document will open in a new tab/window.

  3. You can review the document and fill out any fields if necessary. If someone has prepared this for you, you can review any fields they have added to the form.

  4. You have two options when someone asks for your signature 1) sign the document 2) decline to sign.

  5. To decline to sign a document, you can click the red circle in the bottom left corner of your screen. You can then enter your reason for declining. This will send a message back to the person who originated the document alerting them you have declined.

  6. If you want to sign a document, you can click the blue bottom in the bottom right corner of the screen that says "Submit and Sign"

  7. To finish Signing, enter your name, email, and signature. You have the option to type the signature, draw it, or upload a custom image.

  8. Check the "I agree" checkbox and hit the blue "Apply Signature" button.

  9. View your signature that has been applied to the document

  10. Hit the orange "Finalize and Submit" button in the right corner of the screen to complete the process. Once this is done you will end on a "Thank You" page with a copy of the signed document. You will also get an email with a copy of the signed document.

Below is a video of what it looks like to sign a document from email.

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