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User's Session Information

This article will focus on how to utilize our User’s Session Information option on WebForms.

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How to access the User’s Session Information Option on your WebForm

You will first click the WebForm you want to access from your Lobby so that you can open up the WebForm Builder. Under Form Elements, you will scroll down to Specialty Tools and the last option will be User’s Session Information.

User’s Session Information

The User’s Session Information option captures submitter information on your submissions. This is similar to the information you see under the Signature Details panel within the Submissions Manager on SeamlessDocs (uploaded PDF).

You can edit the User’s Session Information settings by clicking the gears icon to open the inspector. In the inspector, you will have the option to capture the IP address, referring to the page's URL, visitor’s browser type, visitor’s browser name, visitor’s browser version, their platform type, their OS name and their OS version.

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