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Enforcing Active Directory and SSO Log-in Only
Enforcing Active Directory and SSO Log-in Only

This article walks through how to change the settings on your account so that users can ONLY use Active Directory and SSO to login

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Active Directory and Single Sign On can be great tools for the management of your GovOS Studio account and your users because it allows a central place of management and fits in with any internal policies that have already been set.

With Active Directory users have the option to either log-in with their standard GovOS Studio log-in or their Active Directory credentials. That being said some organizations prefer to have it set up so that the ONLY way to log-in is with Active Directory and not with a GovOS Studio log-in.

In order to have this turned on you will want to reach out to your Partner Success Manager or our Support team to begin the process to have this turned on since this is a setting managed by our team.

After it has been enabled your log-in page which will change to look like the following image where log-in will only be allowed using Active Directory:

NOTE: This also means that no Visitor level users can log-in unless they also have credentials in your Active Directory.

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