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My Submissions - User Lobby
My Submissions - User Lobby

This article walks through the functionality available to users in the Visitor Lobby including conversations, saved forms, and activity

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Visitor Lobby: All users, both internal license holders (Owners, Directors, Processors and Analysts) and Visitors, will have access to their own User Lobby that show them information pertinent to their interactions with our platform. In the User Lobby they can see:

  • The forms they have submitted

  • The status of the forms in processing through the Stages applied to the form (i.e. Pending, Needs More Information, Completed, etc.)

  • The signature status of their form to see where it stands in the approval process related to signers in a signature workflow.

  • Continue any forms that they have saved the progress of using our Save & Continue feature

  • Any forms that have been shared with them by other users

  • An inbox showing any messages that they have been included in, and the ability to respond to those messages.

  • Activity on forms that they are associated with including the changing of Stages, addition and removal of tags, and assigning of other users.

The following screenshot is for if you are on the updated layout for GovOS Studio. You will know if you are if you see a drop down for Account next to the Create button in the top right. If instead you see your username, then you are not on GovOS Studio 2.0.

To access the User Lobby you can click on the name and logo of your organization in the very top left hand corner when logged in. Visitor users will be taken to the User Lobby automatically when they first log-in.

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