Web Form Signatures are able to be legally binding. Keep in mind this does require the signer has both 1) knowledge of information and 2) intent to sign.

Webform signatures include a checkbox so that users must affirm the following: “I agree to electronically sign and to create a legally binding contract between the other party and myself, or the entity I am authorized to represent.”

All legally binding signatures must have 1) Consent 2) Intent 3) Association and 4) Record Retention.

SeamlessDocs handles these with the following:

  • Consent: The user must check a box consenting they agree to sign electronically

  • Intent: The user must agree they had the intent to sign at the time of the transaction

  • Association: SeamlessDocs associates the email used for signature with the form completed.

  • Record Retention: SeamlessDocs both will retain a record of the signature, and allow a way for the signer to come back at a later time to view the record

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