If you have any forms with multiple signers in a workflow there have probably been times when a later signer has had to Decline the document due to missing or incorrect information. This has required the user to submit an entirely new form which isn’t always the most efficient option, especially on a lengthy or complex form.

In response to these use cases we have updated our Decline to Sign functionality so that a later signer can return the form to a previous signer and allow them to edit some, or all, of their data so that they can correct small mistakes and send the form through the workflow again.

Once a later signer opens the form from the Signature Request link that they have received and they click on Decline to Sign they will now be presented with options to send it back to one of the previous signers:

After you’ve chosen which signer you would like to return the form to in order for them to make edits, you can also provide messaging that will appear in the email:

Then after you have clicked on Decline it will automatically send email back to the signer chosen with the reasoning and a link to edit the submission:

After clicking on ‘Sign Document’ they will be taken to their form in a live, editable view so that they can edit any incorrect information or add any missing information:

Note: This will only allow the signer you have chosen to edit their information. The information entered by any signers that have signed AFTER the signer you have chosen to edit will be deleted from the form. So for instance if I have 3 signers on a form who have all entered information onto that form but I have chosen to send it back to the first signer, then the information typed in by the later signers will be removed.

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