NOTE: Google is deprecating some functionality for Google Translate

The widget is still available (for now) to those who already have it installed on their website. However, as of January 2019, Google has stopped providing access to new website translator widgets. In addition, the Google Translate widget (which Google calls “Google Translate’s Website Translator”) is phasing out on websites where it is active now. In other words, the widget that allows visitors to automatically translate your webpage into another language is slowly being shut down however we are working on alternatives for this functionality.

We will continue to have the Google Translate option available on WebForms until it has been completely deprecated by Google but we can only support it's use when a form is accessed from a desktop browser because it will not be completely Mobile Responsive.

To add Google Translate to your WebForms you will go into International Fields from the list of options on the left hand side and choose Translate:

Then from there it will add a button to your WebForms so that you users can translate the questions into a language of their choosing:

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