What is the Submission Notification

The Submission Notification is an email notification that is sent ONLY to the form author alerting them that the form has been initiated by a user.

When is the Submission Notification Triggered

The Submission Notification is triggered whenever a preparer, signer or applicant (no signature form) submits a form.

Turning On/Off the Submission Notification Toggles

  1. First toggle option, Receive a Notification of Submission, is to turn on the email notification.

  2. Include Link to PDF is when you want to include a link/button within the email notification that will require the user to login in order to see the initiated or completed submission within the Submissions Manager.

  3. Include PDF As Attachment is when you want to include the initiated or completed submission as a PDF attached to the email notification and does not require the user to login

  4. Include Submission Data is when you want all of fields labels (questions) and submitted answers to display in the body of the email notification

Customizing the Submission Notification Email

  1. Submission Notification will always default to the form author
    a. Can enter in one or multiple email addresses in the recipient field (separate by commas) to receive email notification INSTEAD of the form author

  2. Subject line will default to New Submission followed by the name of your form
    a. Can manually enter in a custom subject line that will default to the Submission Notification as well as the Document Completion Notification (only on SeamlessDocs- uploaded PDFs) and Signature Confirmation Email (sent automatically anytime a signer signs a form)
    b. Can Map submission fields to your email subject line with fields from your form
    i. In SeamlessDocs (uploaded PDF) field cannot be assigned to a signer or
    preparer- fields that are assigned will not appear

  3. Message body will default to A new submission was received for the form below. Log into your Submission Manager to review and process it.
    a. Can manually enter in any custom message
    i. Can use HTML codes

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