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Submission Receipt

This article will focus on how to customize the Submission Receipt on your SeamlessDoc (uploaded PDF) and WebForm.

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What is the Submission Receipt

The Submission Receipt is an email notification that is sent ONLY to the email that is entered into an email validated field on your form and is selected under the Submission Receipt customized settings.

When is the Submission Receipt Triggered

The Submission Receipt is triggered whenever anyone enters in an email address in the email validated field and submits the form.

Turning On/Off the Submission Receipt Toggles

  1. First toggle option, Send Receipt of Submission to User, is to turn on the email notification.
    a. Option will not appear unless you have an Email Validated Field

  2. Include PDF As Attachment is when you want to include the initiated or completed submission as a PDF attached to the email notification and does not require the user to login
    a. Also allows any uploaded attachments to be included as a link
    i. Will appear as Attachment followed by the name of the uploaded file and the name of the file will be clickable (does not require user to login)

  3. Include Submission Data is when you want all of fields labels (questions) and submitted answers to display in the body of the email notification

Customizing the Submission Receipt Email

  1. Select an email validated field from your form for the Recipient Email Field
    a. You can have multiple email validated fields on your form, but only one can be chosen as the recipient email field to receive the Submission Receipt

  2. Subject line will default to Submission Confirmation followed by the name of your form
    a. Can manually enter in a custom subject line that will default to the Submission Receipt email

  3. Message body will default to Thank you for your recent submission. It was received and will be reviewed in the coming days.
    a. Can manually enter in any custom message
    i. Can use HTML codes

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