Have you ever been setting up a Portal Page on your Service Center but realized you didn't have any forms associated but wanted to just create a new page to highlight some additional resources?

The Showcase is an extension of the Service Center to allow for Portals and Pages to host non SeamlessDocs files and links.

This will enable your government to FULLY replace your existing form centers; even if you have non Form PDFs or alternate file types. It also will allow you a faster and COMPLIANT way to move over to SD initially, before you get a chance to convert everything to a WCAG 2.0 Compliant Accessible Web Form.

To start you will go into your Portals Management section as if you were going to turn on a Portal Page or Form on your Service Center. You will se a Create button where you will now have the option to create a blank Page.

From there you can set up the item with a Call to Action including a link to the resource and a description of the resource.

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