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How to Create Conversations and Notes in GovOS Studio
How to Create Conversations and Notes in GovOS Studio

This article walks through how to create conversations and notes in the GovOS Studio platform

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Conversations can be used as an internal and external messaging tool. Internal users can see and post messages, attachments, and links to other forms. These messages can even address multiple users within the platform so that they get notified of the conversation. If a Visitor user is Associated with the submission using one of the features in our article on User Access then you can even message with visitor users.

To create a conversation on a submission:

First you will want to go to your Visitor Lobby by clicking on the name of your organization in the top left after you log-in to GovOS Studio. Then you will click on the name of the form with the submission and you will see a list of those submissions either assigned to you or submitted by you.

After clicking on the submission a menu will pop out with a Conversations section where you can then begin to create conversations.

When beginning a conversation you will need to choose the recipients by either typing in the name of a licensed user or by choosing Associated Admins or Associated Visitors. Then you will be able to type a Subject, Message and even choose to attach files or link to a form that can be filled out:

Every member added to the conversation will receive an email notification unless the box Notify All Members is not checked.

You can add/edit members to be included in the Conversation by clicking on View (right under the Conversation Subject)

Creating Quick Notes

On individual submissions, you can make notes that only you can see and will not be seen by others at first.

To make a note, click on a submission and choose the Conversations tab. You will see a text box where you can enter in your note and once you have created the note it will be created as a Conversation with only one member which will be the creator. Unless other members are added to that conversation the note will only be seen by the creator of the note.

Deleting a Conversation or Quick Note

You can delete a conversation or note by clicking on the Trash icon in the top right of the conversation or note:

After clicking on the icon you will be asked to confirm if you want to delete the conversation or return to the screen.

Making a Conversation Public or Private for a Record Portal

  • You can choose to make a Conversation Public or Private if being used in a Public Record Portal. Once you Create a Conversation click the eye icon at the top right of the Conversation Box.

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