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How to issue a refund from the Submissions Manager with Payments 2.0
How to issue a refund from the Submissions Manager with Payments 2.0

If you need to process a refund on payments received you can do so directly within the GovOS Studio Submissions Manager

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Being able to collect payments can be a great way to make everyone's life easier. Whether for staff to process fees for applications, or for citizens to not have to come into the office or use a less secure process like sending a check through the mail.

That being said, every now and then someone mistakenly makes a payment or they are not approved for the service they have request and so refunds must be issued.

With our updated Payments 2.0 module you can now issue refunds directly within GovOS Studio!

To do this you will go to your Submissions Manager for the form that you are receiving payments on in order to view the submissions collected. You can do this by clicking on the number to the right of the name of the form in your Forms Manager, or by clicking on the Submissions Button in the top right that appears after you click on a submission:

From there you will see a list of all of your submissions received on the form and when you click on each submission a window will appear on the right with all of the Payment and Submissions details and you will see a Process Refund button:

After clicking on Process Refund you will have the option to choose how much is refunded and whether it is a dollar amount, or a percentage of the original cost:

NOTE: Every payment processor is unique in the time they allow before you are no longer able to refund so please plan accordingly with your preferred payment gateway. Also, some processors will charge a fee if you issue a refund so please review the policies of your gateway on charges for refunds. Users of Forte for payments are not able to process refunds within our application currently and must be processed through the Forte client.

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