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How to Share your SeamlessDoc
How to Share your SeamlessDoc
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After you finish uploading your PDF and converting it into a SeamlessDoc, you share it with your citizens, so you can finally start collecting submissions.

There are many ways you can share your SeamlessDoc (uploaded PDF).

  1. By copying and pasting the URL in the live view.

The URL (or link) in the Live View is different than the one in your editor because it will take your users right to the finished form. If you copy and paste the URL from your editor, then your users will get an error message and this can cause confusion. The best way to differentiate the two links is that the editor link will always include /admin at the end- you do not want to share that link with applicants.

How to Share a WebForm as an Analyst User

Analyst users are limited users which means they will only have access to view a form, view submissions or process submissions if the form author grants them permission by going to your Permissions settings.

After the Analyst user is granted access to view the form, the analyst user will be able to login and see the Forms Manager. In the Forms Manager, the Analyst user will be able to click on the form they want to share and will see an eye icon populate. The eye icon represents the Live View form option, where the Analyst can click and copy the URL link to share with any applicant(s).

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