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The Submissions Manager
The Submissions Manager

This article will review what the Submissions Manager is and how to access it.

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What is the Submissions Manager?

The Submissions Manager is a portal that can access the submissions of a specific WebForm or SeamlessDoc (uploaded PDF). In other words it is the area where all of your completed submissions are housed so that you can manage and process the data.

How can you access the Submissions Manager?

You can access the Submissions Manager in 2 ways:

  1. It can be accessed from the Forms Manager by clicking on the number to the right of a Form's Name. It will display the total number of submissions you've received on that SeamlessDoc or WebForm, which will redirect you to the Submissions Manager.

2. It can also be accessed when you are logged in and are in the edit or Live View of your form by clicking on the View dropdown. Once you click the View dropdown, you can select View Submissions option which will redirect you to the Submissions Manager.

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