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How to Access the Template Gallery
How to Access the Template Gallery

This article will review how to access the template gallery after making a copy of your form/saving it as a template.

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After saving your form (SeamlessDoc-uploaded PDF or WebForm-built from scratch) as a template, you will click on the orange box with 3 black lines icon to redirect you to the Forms Manager.

Once you are in the Forms Manager, you will click on the orange Create button, located in the top right corner of your screen and select Browse Templates. This will redirect you to the Template Gallery.

In the Template Gallery, you will see 2 options: All Collections and My Collections. Click My Collections to redirect you to all of the template folders you or your team have created.

The following gif is for if you are on the updated layout for GovOS Studio. You will know if you are if you see a drop down for Account next to the Create button in the top right. If instead you see your username, then you are not on GovOS Studio 2.0.

You will then be able to click on the folder you created and access the template you just made to either use to create a new form or use to bundle a new set of forms.

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