What is a signature workflow?

A signature workflow is the order in which a form needs to be signed or approved by multiple people and in a specific order. You can create and customize the order using unknown signers, known signers, known lists and/or approvers.

Where can you set up a signature workflow?

Signature workflows can only be applied when using a SeamlessDoc (uploaded PDF) and not on WebForms (can only set up 1 signature field).

How to customize a signature workflow

You can customize a signature workflow by going to Signers→ Manage Signers, when in the edit view of your SeamlessDoc.

When customizing your signature workflow please keep the following in mind:

  • Changing the signers can cause errors if there are any signature invitations currently active.
    - When your form is “live”, making any changes to the signature workflow can cause errors for the applicants and prevent them for signing and completing the submission

- You can choose to hide the submit button while you make changes to your form while it is accepting submissions

  • Unknown signers MUST ALWAYS sign BEFORE any Known signers
    - A known signer or known list cannot sign before an unknown signer
    - System will not allow you to save a signature workflow if a known signer is before an unknown signer
    - You can choose to use the Prepare view option so that a “known” person can pre-fill out fields and then send to an unknown signer

  • When adding a known list, make sure to set up and separate the possible signers in the correct format
    - To add a known list, you will first need to create a “label” for that known list signature field
    - Always add the name of the person, followed by a comma and then the person’s email address (*Make sure not to include any extra spaces before or after the signer’s credentials*)
    - You will separate each possible signer by pressing enter and entering the next person’s credentials in the following line

  • To change the signer order, simply click the 3 lines that appear next to the signer type and drag into place

After setting up your signature workflow

Once you have set up your signature workflow (and the rest of your form is complete), you can use one of the signature invite options to notify the first signer to sign. They will receive an automatic email saying their signature is requested and a link to the Live View of the form.

If you have multiple signers on your SeamlessDoc, they will also automatically be emailed the signature invite after the previous signer signs and submits.

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