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Payments: USA ePay
Payments: USA ePay

This article will walk you through connecting your forms to USA ePay payment gateway.

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This article will walk you through how to set up your account to accept payments using USA ePay as your provider.

To connect you will first need your Source Key for your account:

After you've typed in your Source Key and click Connect Account you will then be taken to the Settings page where you can customize your payments.

How to customize and set up your settings to collect payments.

USA ePay will not require a minimum fee like some other gateways may.

The name of the form and the Description field will be passed to the USA ePay backend so that you can see which form is tied to which payment.

USA ePay will also collect the email address and send an email receipt to the user.

NOTE: If you are planning to collect payments via ACH then USA ePay will require you to have a separate contract with certified ACH processors in order to process eChecks.

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