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This articles covers what the Submission Viewer is, how it is used, and how it can be configured.

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In the Digital world there is nothing more important today than data security and privacy and we are always working to make sure that we have the most up to date security processes internally, and available for our partners as they manage their data. Our number one focus is the strength of that security and then balancing that with ensuring that the data can be easily accessed when needed. With that said, we have added a major security upgrade called the Submission Viewer.

What is the Submission Viewer?

The Submission Viewer allows users and non users to access form submissions and any associated attachments from a user friendly and secure interface.

This eliminates:

  1. The need for email recipients to create a login by instead allowing them to use a secure access code to view submissions and attachments.

  2. The need to include attachment links directly in emails by instead keeping them in a more secure and controlled interface.

How does the Submission Viewer work?

All emails that currently include links directly to submission PDFs and any associated attachments will now be replaced with a link to the Submission Viewer.

Users and non users will be able to click a link in emails to 'View Submission' and this will direct them to the Submission Viewer where they can either login or use their access code to see the submission.

Example Email with Link to Submission Viewer and Access Code

Access Code Page:

Submission Viewer:

*Note: the access code can be disabled if you prefer to restrict access to forms and attachments solely to logged in users with permission. Read on for instructions on how to configure these settings.

How can the Submission Viewer be customized/configured?

Excluding the Submission Viewer from email notifications:

You have control over whether or not the link to the Submission Viewer is included in email notifications. However, it is important to note if your form contains any uploaded attachments as part of the submission then the Submission Viewer will be the ONLY way for email recipients to view and access those attachments.

If you'd like to remove the Submission Viewer link from your email notifications you can do so by going to Settings > Custom Email Settings > and toggling 'Include Link to Submission Viewer' off. This will remove the View Submission button from emails and also remove the access code that's included. You will need to configure this on a per email basis. For signer emails these settings are found under Signers > Manage Signers > click the email icon next to the signer and toggle 'Include Link to Submission Viewer' off.

Toggle for Submission Viewer link in email notifications:

Toggle for Submission Viewer link in signer notifications:

Excluding the access code from email notifications:

In addition to having control over whether or not the link to the Submission Viewer is included in email notifications, you also have control over whether or not you'd like the access code to be included for non users.

If you decide that you only want recipients to be able to access submissions and associated attachments with user accounts then you can disable the access code included in emails for non users.

To do this go to your form permissions, either by click the form in the Lobby and in the top right corner selecting the key icon. Or from the editor by going to Settings > Permissions.

By default 'Enable Access Code to View Submission' will be toggled on but by turning this off you can remove the access code from all emails.

Removing the access code from emails:

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