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This article walks through how users can manage their account when they want to have multiple accounts associated with one email address

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In working with so many different Governments of all sizes there are many cases where the constituents from separate organizations overlap and work with multiple GovOS Studio accounts. A great example is if you are filling out a form as the citizen of your local city, but then also need to complete a form that is hosted by a government on the State level.

Now you can have all of your accounts paired together and easily switch between those accounts with our Global Users update.

Moving forward, if you go to sign up and create a new account and the email address you're using is already set up in another account you will see a message appear after creating your account successfully:

After clicking on Pair User Accounts it will connect those accounts and then redirect you back to the log-in page where you can now log-in with your newly created account.

Now that the accounts are paired you will see an option in the settings menu in the top right to switch accounts:

After clicking on Switch Account a new window will pop up showing you all of the organizations that your account is currently associated with:

After choosing the organization from the drop down menu it will automatically log you in to the account chosen and you can easily now switch between accounts.

Additionally, if you are an Owner user and setting up the account for them manually and they have another account associated with that email address then they will receive an email with the same language as the sign up page letting them know that they have another account associated with that Email Address and will follow the same steps:

NOTE: Owner users will not be able to edit the name and email address of users moving forward, only the users themselves can do this for security purposes. If you need assistance with this please reach out to our Support team for help.

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