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Active Directory Setup for SAML Connector
Active Directory Setup for SAML Connector

Active Directory for SAML Connector

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Our GovOS Studio Customer Service Request Form will ask you a series of questions pertaining to SAML Active Directory setup. Before filling out the form, please review the items that will be requested below:

  • Provide Contact Information Who should we contact for the SAML Active Directory setup?

  • Provide Email Domain & any Domain Aliases Comma-separated list of valid domains- Any and all domains that are connected to AD (usually 1 but can be more)

  • Attach Identity Provider public key encoded in PEM or CER format- download from SAML

  • Attach X509 Signing Certificate Near public key area in SAML-either link to download or copy/paste

  • User ID Attribute (optional) This is the User ID attribute in the SAML token that will be mapped to the user_id property (rarely used)

  • Select whether or not you want to sign the request (yes/no)

    • Sign Request Algorithm

    • Sign Request Digest Algorithm

    • Protocol Binding (choose one of the two options)

      • HTTP-Redirect

      • HTTP-POST

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