No functionality is changing; this just means anywhere you’re currently using SeamlessGov in the URL, you’ll need to update the URL.

If you’re using the Service Center (image below for reference), then changes to So swap seamlessgov for seamlessdocs and add /sc/ to the end of your URL link.

If you’re linking directly to pages within the Service Center, such as a folder or a forms details page, swap seamlessgov for seamlessdocs and add /sc right after .com and before the rest of the URL.

You can also navigate to these pages directly from the login. Just click Portals at the top left and then click the eye icon at the top right to view your Service Center or Portal. Then you can navigate directly to the specific page you're looking to link and copy the URL from there.

If you have additional questions don't hesitate to reach out, our support team would be happy to assist you in changing your URLs.

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