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How to Create a Folder or Sub Folder
How to Create a Folder or Sub Folder

This article walks through how to create a new folder in your account or a subfolder under an existing parent folder

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An important step for any Government organization in going digital is to ensure that all of your forms are organized to be found easily by staff or citizens.
When you first create a form it will go directly into your main Forms Manager folder, similar to your Downloads folder on your computer where all downloaded files start initially. From there you can drag and drop your forms into the proper folder.

To create a new Root Level Folder

When creating a new Root level (or main) folder you will click on the plus sign next to Forms Manager:

After clicking on the Plus sign a new window will pop up in the center of your screen where you will be asked to title the new form and create it:

After creating the folder you will see it appear on the left hand side with all of the other folders in your account.

Creating a Sub Folder

In order to create a Sub folder you will want to first click on the Root, or Main, level folder that you want the Sub Folder to appear under.

For instance I want to make a 'Internal' folder under my Police Department folder so I first click once and select the Police Department Folder:

From there I will click on the same Plus sign button next to Forms Manager as before when creating a root level folder, give the form a title and I will now have a subfolder under the root folder I've chosen:

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