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How to add a Date Picker to your SeamlessDoc (Uploaded PDF)
How to add a Date Picker to your SeamlessDoc (Uploaded PDF)

This article walks through using the Date Picker on your uploaded PDF forms

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The Date Picker field can be a great option to give the submitter of the form a calendar to choose dates from instead of free typing out a date on a form.

To add a Date Picker you will first drag and drop the field over from Date Picker option under Specialty fields on the left hand side:

After you drag and drop the element over a menu will appear across the top left where you can add a label, and customize the field:

Customizing Date Format for Date Picker

On the menu that appears in the top right you will see a drop down menu where you can customize the format with the default option being 'Month Day, Year' and including several additional options:

Customizing Font Elements for Date Picker

  1. Select the gear to the right of the Drop-Down Field and choose More Options.

2. Once in the Advanced Field Settings, you will see the standard options to customize the font elements including the size, color and indentation:

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