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How to use the Auto Complete feature on Web Forms
How to use the Auto Complete feature on Web Forms

This article walks through using the Auto Complete field feature on Web Forms

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One of our goals is bringing services online is to make them as easy as possible to complete and fill out for any users. If there are ways to reduce human error, like typing a name out incorrectly, it's always best to add in measures to avoid it.

One great way to accomplish this is our Auto Complete field which allows you to create up to 1,000 values and allow the user to start typing and then auto-complete their response with the proper value and spelling in the form. A great example of this would be a list of Counties where users might typically spell a County name incorrectly.

To set up the field you will either click or drag and drop the Auto Complete feature over from the Speciality Fields list on the left side when building your Web Form:

In the settings menu you will see the option to add in all of the possible values that the user can select on the right hand side and you can type them in or copy and paste, as long as each value is on a separate line:

Here is a view of the Settings with a list of Counties and then an animation of what it looks like for the end user to type and then Auto Complete the selection:

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