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Conditional Signers

This article walks through how to set up rules to determine if a signature is required or optional

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When setting up a business process within your government organization there will often be times when a signature is required or optional based on a variety of variables. One of the most exciting new enhancements as part of our Participants feature is the ability to set up rules that will determine if a signature is required or optional.

Ideally you will want to set up all of the fields on your form first so that you will be able to choose from them when setting up your rules. Then you will want to open the Participants settings and set up your Participants if you are not already there:

Once you are in the Participants Settings you will click on the arrow next to the Signer who needs to be either required or optional and then click Edit:

From there you will click on the Rules tab which will be in the top right of the settings for that signer:

From there you will be given a place to add your rules which will consist of the requirements for you to choose:

When - This is choosing which field will be used in the rule

Equals/Contains/Has a Value - This is the variable that will trigger the action chosen by your rule

Then - This will be the action chosen by your rule, either to Require Participant or Don't Require Participant

Then you will have a completed rule like the one in the screenshot below:

So in this case I have a Yes or No question on my form that asks if the Contract is valued at more than $5,000.00 and if it is then I will require the signature of this signer which is the City Manager. Here is how the question looks on the form:

If a participant selects Yes and submits then the City Manager will be required to sign as part of the Participants flow. If they select No then the the City Manager's Signature will not be required and they will be updated in the Signature Status to Conditionally Skipped:

You can use other fields like text fields, or drop down menus and can either have a rule activated by having a the field equal, contain or have a value to choose if a signature is required or not. For instance if the user on this form enters Finance as their Department then my rule requires the Finance Director to sign:

NOTE: You can only add one rule per participant and cannot add a rule for the Submitter or First Signer (since they will be the first to enter information and will be signing or submitting already).

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