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Parallel Signer Groups
Parallel Signer Groups

This article walks through the functionality that allows you to have signers participate concurrently without following a particular order

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When it comes to setting up a Signature Workflow, there maybe times that you do not need a traditional order to the signers and instead would like to allow signers to sign at any time regardless of order. With the Paralell Signers Group feature you can now create a group that will be expected to sign, but without any particular order as to when they will sign.

To create a Parallel Signer group you will first want to create the signers that will be included in the group using either Unknown Signers, Known Signers, or a Known Signer List:

Once you have created all of the participants/signers that should be part of the Parallel Signers Group you should see them all appear as participants:

From there you will click on Add Participant again and choose Parallel Signer Group:

From there you will add in all of the signers/participants that you have already created to be part of that group from the Select Existing Signers drop down menu:

Once you have created the Parallel Signer group you will see them appear as a single participant:

After you have created the group you will want to make sure there are Signature Fields associated with each of the participants in the Parallel Signer Group.

You will drag and drop a Signature field from the left hand side and then it will prompt you to choose which participant should be associated with that signer field:

Once the form has been sent to the participants to sign it will reflect the number of signers pending and in the Signature Status will allow you to see who has signed and who has not:

Now you won't have to be limited to the order of the signers, but instead can allow each signer to participate in any order they choose.

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