If you use Active Directory at work to authenticate into your workstation, your organization can opt-in to integrate it with their GovOS Studio account. Utilizing Active Directory on GovOS Studio will allow you to use your same AD credentials to log in to your GovOS Studio account, providing you with a more Seamless daily workflow.

Some benefits of using Active Directory with your GovOS Studio account:

  • Sign into your GovOS Studio account using your same user session being used to access other systems within your organization

  • Only one set of credentials needed

  • Increased security and access control

  • Uniformity of user details across platforms

With Active Directory authentication enabled, you will notice a new option on your GovOS Studio login screen.

Notice the new section at the top entitled "Active Directory". The blue buttons in this section represent the different AD connections that your organization provides.

NOTE: The number of connections will vary based on your organization's unique setup. (Your organization may have more or less connections than shown in this example).

For more information about how to log into Active Directory, click here.

Initial Configuration- What does the setup process entail?

If you are interested in adding an Active Directory integration to your GovOS Studio subscription (or if you have any questions regarding your Active Directory connection), you can reach out to your GovOS Studio Success Manager to inquire about pricing and/or next steps. If you are not sure how to contact your Success Manager, call or email Support at 855.77.SEAMLESS or support@seamlessdocs.com.

Once the integration has been enabled, you will need to fill out a questionnaire to gather all necessary information. Click one of the following options to fill out the questionnaire and kickoff your Active Directory Setup.

Setting Up New Users

Once activated and a new AD user logs into their account via Active Directory for the first time, a new account will automatically be created. Unless configured otherwise upon initial setup by your system administrator, they will be set to the user type "Visitor" by default (i.e. they can access forms but cannot create them.

Your existing user information from your AD-enabled account will be pulled in to populate your profile information. NOTE: you will not be able to edit this from your account and will need to get in touch with your system administrator if updates to your profile information are needed.

After the Questionnaire has been submitted we will then need the federated XML file for you Active Directory.

Here are a few guides depending your implementation:

Federation Metadata File XML

Set up the lab environment for AD FS in Windows Server 2012 R2

Video: Installing ADFS on Windows Server 2012 R2

Video: Active Directory Federation Services in Windows Server 2012

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