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How to find your API Keys
How to find your API Keys

This is an article that walks you through how to find your API Keys for your GovOS Studio account

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When using various integrations and features in GovOS Studio you may be asked to use your API Key and Secret Code. 

In order to find these you will first log-in to your GovOS Studio account. 

Only Owner level users can access the API Key and Secret Code. You can learn more about user types here.

Then you will click on Account in the top right and then click on Company. Once redirected to the Organization page, select the API Keys option.

If this is your first time retrieving your API Keys then you may need to click on Generate New to have them created for you. Then you will see your new API Key and then by clicking on View, you can also see your 'Secret' code.

When sharing these keys we always recommend copying and pasting and not taking a screen shot due to case sensitivity (sometimes a lower case L looks like a 1, you know?).

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