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Payments: Connecting to Elavon
Payments: Connecting to Elavon

This article walks through how to connect your GovOS Studio account to Elavon to start collecting payments

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If you would like to collect payments using Elavon, you can do so using our Payments modal! Please note that our platform can connect to Elavon Converge, not Elavon FuseBox or Stratus.

Before you get started you will want to have the following information available:

Work with your Elavon representative to request the following " API Credentials":

Merchant ID- The 6 or 7 digit Account ID you use to login to Converge.

*Important: You need your Account ID which is typically 6 or 7 digits and according to Elavon support, this what is called the Account ID. In our system, this is called the Merchant ID, because that is what the behind the scenes connection uses. It is important not to use your Merchant ID here and use the Account ID.

Multi-Currency- This is an “Add-On” via your Elavon Converge Account. If you did not pay for this feature, the answer will be FALSE. If you did pay for this feature (allows you to accept various currencies; other than US Dollars), then the answer will be TRUE.

Username- The User ID that has been created in your Elavon Converge account to be able to accept electronic payments and connect to an online API. Your username will usually end with “web”. Make sure this user is the API user with your Elavon Rep, the flag to do this is called "hosted payment API user".

Pin- It is a 64 digit pin that is specifically associated with your username and found in your Elavon Converge online account. The pin itself must be for your hosted payment API user and not for the converge admin.

*If Elavon gives you web credentials that include a password and not a pin, they have given you the wrong credentials for API integration.

Settings in Elavon:

1. Log into your Elavon Converge online account and go to your Edit User Rights section to make sure that the Credit Card-AVS Only/Verification is not checked but that all other transaction rights are checked and given as you can see from the screenshot below.

2. Finally, before entering your information, you will want to make sure that the option to accept Credit Card Authorizations Only to be checked under your User Rights (in Elavon Converge Account). If you do not have this option, you will have to contact Elavon at 1 (800) 377-3962 and ask for support so that they can check off this option for you.

3. NOTE: We do not allow authentication and testing with a demo/test account. These must be credentials from a live account. 

4. Address Verification must be turned off in the Elavon backend. GovOS Studio only collects CVV, not address or zip code.

5. Fees: When collecting payments with GovOS Studio, we cannot support a Service Fee model. A service fee model runs two transactions simultaneously one portion of the fee goes to the municipality and one portion of the fee goes to Elavon. With GovOS Studio, only one transaction can occur and Elavon will need to pull out the fee at the end of each month. You will want to work with your Elavon representative to ensure that service fee settings are turned off and no separate transaction is required. You will want to set up your payment settings in GovOS Studio with a fee to mirror the amount that Elavon will take out at the end of the day/month. Here are instructions to customize this by modifying what we call the Convenience fee.

6. Make sure to enable Online Transactions (https transactions). This should be done already but sometimes it is not.

Entering Credentials into GovOS Studio

Once all of the information is gathered, you can go into any of your forms and click on Add-ons --> Process Payments and you will be taken to this window:

After you've typed in this information and clicked on Connect Account you will be taken to the page where you can customize the settings to get started.

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