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How to create Tags in the Submissions Manager
How to create Tags in the Submissions Manager

This article walks through how to create tags and add or remove them to submissions in the Submissions Manager in GovOS Studio

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With GovOS Studio we make it easy for Citizens and Staff to submit forms but what is the best way to handle the data after it's been submitted? One of the great features that GovOS Studio offers is a way to easily add tags to submissions as a way to allow you to add custom labels to your submissions.

The list of tags will appear in a form's submission manager both in a column labeled "Tags" as well as within the Submission Details panel under the "Tagged as" header.

Contrary to Stages, which can only have one per Submission, you can have multiple Tags per each Submission. If there are too many tags to display within the column, an icon will appear with the number of additional tags will appear.  You can click this icon to view all those users.

Editing Tags

You can add tags both manually on a submission-by-submission basis or automatically using the Submission Rule Builder.

How to Manually Add Tags to a Submission

  1. From the Submissions Manager, navigate to the submission you'd like to tag

  2. Either directly in the column or in the Submission Details pane, click the Add Tag icon

  3. Within the drop-down that appears, either scroll to find the desired tag or begin typing the name to search existing tags and click the desired matching tag, or

  4. To create a new tag, type in the name and click "New Tag"

How to Remove a Tag

  1. From the Submissions Manager, navigate to the submission either within the Tags column in the Submission Details Pane

  2. Simply click the X mark on the right side of the tag

How to Automatically Tag Submissions

To automatically add tags to submissions, you can create rules using the Submission Rule Builder.

NOTE: Tags can be seen by any users (including Visitors) who are Associated with, or Assign to, a submission. To learn more about how to grant users access to Submission please refer to our article on Assignments, Associations, and Permissions.


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