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How can I give access for users to see submissions?
How can I give access for users to see submissions?

This article walks through the various ways that you can allow users to see submissions they should have access to.

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Security is incredibly important to us at GovOS Studio and one of our major new updates was the release of our Private PDF functionality so that links in emails will not be open for anyone to view and will require log-in. 

In order for a user to be able to access a submission they will either need to be Assigned or Associated with that submission:


In the Submissions Manager you will see a column titled Assigned To and this is where you can assign any type of Standard or Limited User (Owner, Processor, Director or Analyst). You can add them manually or you can use either:

  1. The Submission Rule Builder (SRB) to auto-assign them upon the first submission

  2. Use Triggers to assign them based on a later action. 


A submission can be associated with a user one of two ways:

  1. Using the Co-Registration feature: If they are a brand new user then a Visitor account will created for them automatically based on the email field used and then an email will be sent asking them to complete their registration and then they can log-in and view the submission. If they already had a Visitor user and Co-Registration is turned on then it will automatically associate the submission with them and they can log-in and view it

  2. Requiring Log-in for Users: You can go into the Permissions modal and you can require all signers, including the first, to have to log-in before completing their portion of the form. This will automatically associate the submission with them so that when they log-in and they can view. 

NOTE: You can turn on Include PDF as an attachment for Submissions Notifications, Submission Receipts, Document Completion emails and Signature Completion emails so that they will not have to log-in to view their files. PDF's sent via Submission Rule Builder (SRB) will be open to the recipient to download for 7 days without having to log-in. Emails sent via Triggers will always require a log-in to access. 

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