In addition to paid licensed users your account has unlimited Visitor users that can be used either to require users to fill out a form, save and continue progress on a form, or just have access to their submissions.

We will first break down the various methods that these users can be created:

  1. Co-Registration - A Visitor is created automatically upon Submission using our Co-Registration feature then the only additional step they will need to perform (which is needed by all users created this way) is to complete their registration by adding their Name and choosing a new password. After this is completed they will be able to log-in using Active Directory.
  2. Self-Sign Up - If a Visitor creates their user manually on their own through your sign up page then they will be able to log-in through Active Directory as long as they are also a user in your Active Directory client.
  3. Save & Continue - Currently this user will need to be created manually through the Save & Continue process but then they will be able to log-in via Active Directory after their account is created.
  4. If the user isn’t a registered SeamlessDocs user and logs in through Active Directory we will provision a new user (Visitor User). These users will have Standard Login turned off by default, but that can be toggled on/off through the user settings for that user.

Associating Forms with a Visitor:

If you want your Visitor users to be able to log back in and see their forms they've submitted as the first signer and check on the status of those submissions then you will either need to:

  1. Use the Co-Registration feature to have it be automatically associated with the e-mail address used by the form submitter in the field that you are using to create the user via Co-Registration.
  2. Turn on Require Log-in through the Permissions tab which will force them to be logged in when submitting a form which will automatically associate that form with them. You can Require Log-in and allow them to use Active Directory to log-in.

Note: If you are a licensed internal user and you are logged in while completing a form as the first signer it will automatically associate you with your submission.

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