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Quickly Add and Collect a Signature from a Known Signer
Quickly Add and Collect a Signature from a Known Signer

Use this article for an end-to-end guide for uploading a document, adding a signature, & sending it out for collection to a specific person

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Collecting a signature in GovOS Studio is quick and easy. Below is a step by step guide that will enable you to upload a document to the GovOS Studio system, add an e-signature field, and send it out for signature.

View this video to learn more, or scroll below to read the steps in details.

To collect a signature:

1. Sign in to GovOS Studio

2. Click the Orange ‘Create’ button in the upper right corner of your Forms Manager

3. Select 'Upload PDF'

4. Upload the PDF you want to be signed. This can be created in any system that you want such as Adobe, Microsoft Word, or Publisher. But it must be a PDF to be uploaded to the GovOS Studio system. Here are instructions for saving to PDF with Microsoft Word.

5. If you’re sending this form as a document to collect the signature(s) of just one signer or set of signers, you need to limit the number of submissions on this form. This will keep your document secure and prevent unwanted or accidental signatures. To do this you can go to Settings > General > Limit Submissions and enter the number 1.

6. Drag over a signature block. Once you do this, the signer configuration window will pop up.

7. In the signer configuration window, please select ‘Someone Known' and fill in the signer's name and email address.

8. Drag in a date field from the signature area. Once you drag this in, the signer configuration window will pop up again and you should select the same known signer that you defined above.

9. Now your document is ready to share. Click ‘Invite Signers’ in the upper right-hand quarter. This will allow you to send the document out to be signed.

10. In “The Message to Signer” box, customize your message if you’d like and hit send.

11. When the signer completes the document with his signature, you and they will both receive copies of the final saved document.

Lastly, if you need to Renotify the signer to remind them to sign or to Notify a Different Signer in their place then you can use the Invite Signer option.

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