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Reconciling Payments with Stripe
Reconciling Payments with Stripe

This article walks through how you can differentiate and reconcile your payments received using the Stripe Payment integration

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Now that you've set up your form to receive Payments, how do you go about reconciling those payments with your current systems?

The best tool that can be used is the Description Field when setting up payments because that will show on the back end and allow you to see which form the payment came from. Here is a screenshot of the settings showing my custom Description field and then how it shows on the back end of Stripe:

Here is what is shown in Stripe when looking at your Payments received:

If you click into the payment itself you can see even more information specific to the payment and even add a note:

When you are looking in your Submissions Manager you will also see the information regarding the successful payment:

Each Payment Processor is a bit different but Stripe has many different ways to run Reports in their system and additionally as you can see from previous screenshots you can also export all of your transactions so that you can migrate them to another system like an accounting program or a document management system.

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