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Signature Confirmation Email
Signature Confirmation Email

This article will focus on the Signature Confirmation email for SeamlessDocs (uploaded PDF) and WebForms.

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What is the Signature Confirmation Email

The Signature Confirmation notification is an email that is sent to the signer immediately after the form is submitted, confirming that they have successfully signed the form. The Signature Confirmation email cannot be turned off and will automatically be sent.

When is the Signature Confirmation Notification Triggered

The Signature Confirmation email is sent:

  1. Any time a signer signs and submits a SeamlessDoc (uploaded PDF)

  2. Any time a signer signs and submits a WebForm

How to Customize the Signature Confirmation Email

The Signature Confirmation email can only be customized for SeamlessDocs (uploaded PDFs) and NOT on WebForms. The message body cannot be customized and will default to Your signature was successfully added to a document, for both types of forms.

On a SeamlessDoc (uploaded PDF), you can customize if you want the signature confirmation email to include the link to the PDF and/or the PDF as an attachment. These options are chosen under the Manage Signers settings.

You can get to the Manage Signers settings by clicking the Signers tab in the edit view of your PDF and selecting Manage Signers.

A window will open up where you will see each signer and see toggle options for each of them for Include link to PDF and Include PDF as Attachment. Keep in mind that these toggle options will also apply to the Document Completion Notification for that specific signer(s).

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