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How to Add a Signer and Signature Field
How to Add a Signer and Signature Field

This article walks through how to set up Signers on an uploaded PDF form and a workflow around those signers

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NOTE: If you see Participants instead of Signers in the editor for your forms you are on our new Signature functionality and should refer to our Participants article.

Adding signers to your SeamlessDoc is simple. If you used Auto-Detect Fields, there's a chance that we've already done it for you.

How to Add Signers to Your Form

  1. Drag and drop a Signature Field or Signature Initial Field onto your form

  2. Select the Signer Type this person should be. Refer to the list below to ensure you are selecting the proper type.

You can also set up signers by selecting Signers then Manage Signers and building out the signers for your form from there. If you choose to do it this way, then keep it mind that you will still need to drag and drop either a Signature Field or Signature Initial Field on to the form after this step. 

Types of Signers

Me: The name and email associated with your SeamlessDocs user credentials.

Known Signer: Enter the signer’s name and email. Great for internal workflows where you know each signer who is part of the signature workflow.

Known List: Define a list of potential next signers following a completed eSignature. The prior signer in the workflow chooses from a drop-down menu which person in the known list the form should be sent to.

Unknown Signer: Someone filling out the form whose name and email you don’t know. This is great for citizen facing forms that you want to open up to anyone.

Approver: Someone in the signature workflow who doesn’t necessarily need to sign the form, just approve or deny it. Approvers cannot add any information to a form or have fields assigned to them. They also don't need a signature field in order to approve or deny a form.

Additionally, you can add fields that will tie to a particular signer like their Initials, the Date Signed, and Signer's Full Name.

After you've set up the signers in Manage Signers and added their Signature Field to the form you can drag and drop one of the options mentioned above and then it will ask you to choose the signer to relate it to:

Managing Signers

In the Manage Signers modal you can customize the Signature Request email and also the Document Completion email that each signer receives.

NOTE: The Signature Request and Signature Confirmation email cannot be turned off. It's also important to know that in order for the signers to view their custom completion message, you also must have Document Completion Notifications turned on.

Delegating Signers

You can also give a signer the ability to Delegate to another signer so that once they click on the link to sign, they will have a button available that allows them to choose another signer to sign in their place.

If you need to have another Signer delegated but this option has not been given to the signer, or the signer is unable to access their email, user with access to the Submissions Manager can Notify a Different Signer for them.

Requiring a Known Signer to Log-in:

If the box is checked to Require a Known Signer to log-in then it will ask you to choose a user in the system so that we can require that only that user with those credentials can sign. If you would like all signers to log-in before signing but don't need them to be a particular internal user then you can set this option up in the Permissions modal.

Rearranging the Order of Signers

You can easily change the order of the signers by clicking on the icon to the left of the type of signer and holding down and dragging that signer to the correct order. Note that Unknown Signers must always come before any other type of signer.

Lastly, if you need to Renotify the signer to remind them to sign or to Notify a Different Signer in their place then you can use the Invite Signer option.

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