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ACH Payments

This article walks through the ability to accept ACH as a new addition to our payments functionality

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For many years GovOS Studio has allowed you to collect payments via Credit Cards on your forms for fee for various applications and permits. Some fees are quite large and since Credit Cards have processing fees that are percentages of the total cost it can be prohibitive to use Credit Cards.

As a result we have now introduced the ability to collect payments via ACH for many of the payment gateways that we work with including (any name with a URL will take you to the set up guide for that gateway):



Heartland Payment Systems


Payflow Pro

Worldpay US

With ACH enable on your account you will now see an additional toggle switch in the Payments Settings where you can turn on Bank Account (ACH):

As you can see above you will also have the ability to add an additional fee to the charge if there are any processing fees associated with the service.

When the end user goes to submit the form and the payment modal appears it will now show the option to either pay via Credit Card or Bank Account and will show the fees associated with each:

If they choose Bank Account they will be taken to a screen where they will then type in their Bank Account information including Routing and Account Number:

Note that Routing Numbers must be 9 digits long and Account Numbers must be a minimum of 9 digits and a maximum of 12 digits as per US standards.

Lastly, after the payment has been made it will show just like Credit Card payments in the Submissions Manager but will note that the payment was made via ACH:

Above you will see an example of a payment in the Submissions Manager via ACH without an additional fee and with an additional fee respectively.

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