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Triggers with Webhooks

This article walks through how you can use Triggers to automatically post data with Webhooks based on an action.

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Using Triggers in the Submissions Manager can be a great way to automate and streamline your internal processing for forms. Now, in addition to being able to have a stage or tag changed or applied, a user assigned, or an email notification sent, you can now use Webhook URL's to automatically push data from SeamlessDocs to another platform based on an action.

If you would like to learn more about Webhooks please refer to the following article on our current capabilities with this functionality:

To set up a Trigger with Webhook you will go into your Submissions Manager and then follow the process for setting up a Trigger buy clicking on the 'Lightning Bolt' Icon and choosing your initial action like 'When a Stage Changes to Incomplete' and then choose Send Webhook option:

From there you will be able to post the URL where the data should be posted.

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