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How to Sign Up and create a Visitor account
How to Sign Up and create a Visitor account

This article walks through how users can sign up for their own Visitor account on their own to access submissions or check on status

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In our guide on granting access to submissions there are many scenarios where you will want to create a Visitor account in order to log-in. Although Visitors can be created automatically using the Co-Registration feature they can also sign up manually from your log-in page.

On the log-in page you will first click on "Don't have an account?"

From there you will be taken to a page where you will then create your user with your name, email address and password. Additionally you will have the option to choose a Time Zone and Phone Number if you would like.

After clicking on Create Account you will receive a verification email and you will want to click on Verify Email and this will take you directly into your account:

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