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Sorting and Filtering in the Submissions Manager
Sorting and Filtering in the Submissions Manager

This article walks through how you can sort and filter the columns of data presented in the Submissions Manager

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The amount of data you collect through applications, permits and forms can often be overwhelming and when processing the ability to organize is crucial.

You now have the ability to sort and filter based on the columns of data in the Submissions Manager to better process and organize your data around your business processing.

When you go to view Submissions in the Submissions Manager and you hover your mouse over the header of the column of each data point, you will see 3 dots that when clicked give you the menu for options to sort or filter:

When you click on the menu you will have three options: sort by ascending order, descending order or filter based on various criteria.

When sorting the options you have will be:

-Is Equal To

-Is not Equal To


-Does not Contain

-Has a Value

-Has no Value

For example if I wanted to sort by only applications that are in the Stage labeled Completed I might add the filter below:

Notice the Add Filter button on this screen where you can add multiple qualifying data points to further filter the data out.

Note: This will only affect the view of the user who is logged in, it will not affect the order of columns or view for other users.

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