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Best Practices for PDF's prior to Uploading
Best Practices for PDF's prior to Uploading

Here is a set of Best Practices that you can use as a guide before uploading your PDF to ensure the best result

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PDF's can be created from a variety of programs and the most common ones being used by our clients are Google Docs, Microsoft Word and Adobe. 

Although we don't have a preferred platform to create PDF's we have created a template that you can request a copy of from your Success Manager that can be used to create PDF's from scratch that look professional and beautiful:

Creating Your Own PDF's with Google 

With that being said there are some best practices that you can follow to ensure the best experience when uploading your PDF:

1. If it doesn't look great before you upload it, it probably won't look great after you upload it!

Always try and make sure the PDF is of the best possible quality before uploading to ensure that it looks clear and easy to follow for your end user. Try to avoid scanned documents and use the original PDF if possible. If the font is too small to read on the original PDF then it will probably be too small for the user filling out the form.

2. Less is more!

Although any PDF can be uploaded, larger files and files with many pages or large images can sometimes take a while to upload or be too large to upload. For instance if you are scanning documents before uploading them try scanning in 150dpi instead of 300dpi to reduce the size fo the file. The size limit for each uploaded PDF is 10 MB and although we don't have a set page limit we've found that 25 pages or more may need to be broken up into multiple forms and uploaded separately and then bundled together as we describe in section 3.

Ask yourself if each page is necessary or if it's just there for informational purposes and could be replaced with a link to a website. 

When you first start with SeamlessDocs this may be the first time the form has been reviewed in many years so this is a great opportunity to simplify, condense and update your forms so that you are ensuring the best experience for the citizen or staff member filling them out. 

3. Why not bundle?

If your form is too large, you could potentially upload it in pieces and then using our Templates and Bundling features you could combine them into one form.

The bundling feature is also a great way to combine any forms that typically are filled out at the same time so that it is easier to keep information together. Filling out one form is always better than filling out two!

4. Ask our team!

We've been doing this a while, you might even say we're Form Professionals.

So if you're stuck reach out to us and we might have a trick or a tip up our sleeves that can help!

Our goal is to make sure your experience uploading your form is as Seamless (pun intended) as possible. So please don't hesitate to reach out at any time!

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