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How to add an extra page(s) to your existing SeamlessDoc
How to add an extra page(s) to your existing SeamlessDoc

This article will review how to add an extra page or pages to your existing SeamlessDoc (uploaded PDF).

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There may be instances where you upload a PDF and convert it to a SeamlessDoc and then realize that you missed a page or maybe you are updating your current SeamlessDoc and the new version requires an extra page. Instead of starting over from scratch, you can add a page to your existing SeamlessDoc.

How to do this…

  1. First you will save your current SeamlessDoc as a template.

  2. Next you will upload a blank page or blank pages (depending on how many extra pages you need). Make sure that you save your blank page as a PDF before uploading.

  3. After uploading the blank PDF page(s), you will then save that as a template. If you added a new collection, make sure you save it in the same collection so that it is easier to find in the Template Gallery.

  4. Next go to your Template Gallery and select My Collections. There you will go to the collection where you saved your original SeamlessDoc and blank page(s) and use the bundle option.

  5. After bundling, you will be able to use that template, which will bring you to the SeamlessDoc Editor.

  6. Within the SeamlessDoc Editor, you will click on File and select Update Source PDF. This is where you will be able to upload your new/updated SeamlessDoc that needs the extra page(s).

The new upload will have all of the fields you previously created and allow you to add fields to the new pages.

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