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Signing within the Submissions Manager
Signing within the Submissions Manager

This article walk through how to sign a form from within your GovOS Studio account instead of through an email link

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If you have been a user of GovOS Studio for any period of time you know that sending email notifications are a crucial part of having users sign and complete documents, receive updates, and receive completed forms. For those users who have to approve or sign a large amount of forms it is easier to manage if you are able sign and approve from within your account.

With that in mind we have designed and released a new improvement to the Submissions Manager where now you can actually click a link in the Submissions Details window and open up a form to sign it without needing a link from Email!

To do this you will go to the Submissions Manager for the form you need to sign and then click on the individual submission to open up the Submission Details:

From there you will look at the Signature Status for the form and then next to the signer that is currently pending you will see the link to Sign Now:

This will then open the form as that signer and allow you to sign and complete without having to receive an email notification.

NOTE: This option will only show for Owner users, Authors of forms, and any paid user that has been given the Process Submissions Permission.

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