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How to Export Submissions from the Submissions Manager
How to Export Submissions from the Submissions Manager

This article walks through how to export or download your data from GovOS Studio into another program or record keeping system

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If you ever need to take the data from the Submissions Manager and move it into another program like Excel or a Document Management System, you can download that data easily using our Exports Modal.

To export your submissions:

 1.   Click on the check box to the left of the submission(s) you would like to export.  

2. Next, select the downward facing arrow. A popup menu will appear giving you the options to export CSV data (Comma Separated Values) or the Completed Forms and Attachments themselves. CSV data can be exported into many programs including Excel so that you can run additional reports.

What can be included with your Export?

We've also added a new feature where you can select which data points will be included in your CSV export which can be especially helpful if you're collecting a lot of data but don't need all of it to continue processing or store for record retention purposes:

The options for data you can export are:

All Data - This will include ALL Submission Data in addition to all of the new data points included

Submission Fields - This will include all data entered into the form fields when submitted.

Submitter Details - This will include the information for the first signer if they are logged in when submitting.

Preparer Details - This will include the information from the Preparer when using Prepare mode.

Signature Details - This will include the information from all signers on a form including name and email address. It will also include the Signature Status column to show if the form is Complete or Pending additional signatures. Here are what the individual statuses each mean:

- Signed means completed by all signers

- Approved means completed by all signers with last step being an Approver level signer needing to complete.

- Signed #/# means awaiting remaining signatures (For instance Signed 1/3)

- Prepared #/# means awaiting first signature (For instance Prepared 0/3)

Stage Details - This will include the Stage a particular submission is in.

Tags - This will include all of the Tags added to a particular submission.

Assignees - This will include all of the users who are Assigned to a particular submission.

Payment Details - This includes information around any payments collected on the form.

After you've selected which fields you want to export it will show your selections in the Export menu:

When exporting as CSV data Submission Details will always default to last in the order, and any additional data points (like Submitter Details, Payment Details, etc.) will default to being first in the order. If you were to include all data, the order of the columns will go as follows:

Application ID - default

Reference ID - default

Submission Created - default

Submitter Details

Stage Details



Preparer Details

Signature Details

Payment Details

Submission Fields

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